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In 6 steps to the right thermal imaging camera

In our range there are dozens of thermal imaging cameras with various specifications. Thus, there is a suitable model for every application, which we find using 6 questions.

Thermal imaging camera taking picture in construction industry

Is a thermal imaging camera the most versatile measurement tool in the construction industry?

In the technologically evolving construction sector, advanced equipment is increasingly being used to gain a better understanding of quality and living comfort. As far as we are concerned, the usefulness of a thermal imaging camera in the building sector can certainly compete for the title of the most versatile measuring instrument in construction.

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Using a thermal imaging camera for fire prevention in your company

Thermography plays an important role in fire prevention in businesses. Thermal imaging cameras are not only a useful tool during the inspection of meter boxes and machinery, but can also be set up permanently to monitor your premises.

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What are the differences between cooled and uncooled thermal imaging cameras?

Everyone knows the standard thermal imaging cameras . But did you know that there are also cooled models in our range? These offer a number of interesting advantages.

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What is a thermal imaging camera?

A thermal imaging camera is a camera that converts a portion of infrared light from the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) into an image or video.

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What is infrared light?

For thermography, we use the infrared light between 0.7µm – 14µm. (The full IR spectrum has wavelengths up to 1mm).

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7 Reasons to deploy thermal imaging cameras within industrial companies

Wondering how thermography fits into industrial companies? We list 7 applications. Discover all the possibilities yourself.