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What our customers say:

A beautiful company with a lot of knowledge. Just experts who know what they are talking about. I say highly recommended!

Geert Beugeling,

Thermal Focus is a pleasant partner that puts the customer first. There was a very friendly atmosphere from the beginning and a focus on offering a solution, not a product. Keep up the good work Tom and Dennis!

InViLab – University of Antwerp,

Little bleating, a lot of wool.

High level of service where knowledge and trust are key. After sales service is also guaranteed. Keep up the good work!

Koen Hoff,

Never another one.

Honest advice, lots of knowledge and willingness. If you still experience a defect, then you realize how valuable the after sales service of Thermal Focus is.

Marcel Nooijen –

Why rent a thermal imaging camera from Thermal Focus

Do you want to rent a thermal imaging camera? If so, you have come to the right place. Thermal Focus has a wide range of various thermal imaging cameras for numerous applications. Applications from -40 to 2000°C , resolutions up to 1024*768 pixels and high speed cameras up to 1003 Hz full frame. Both cameras that have a response curve in LWIR and MWIR.

In addition, there are numerous software packages and lenses available to make the most of the rental period.
Certain cameras do require insurance.

Rent a thermal camera per day, week or month

Because the range of thermal systems is so diverse, we always ask that you contact us. That way, together we can find out which camera is most suitable for you. Cameras can be rented on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. A rental can be accompanied by customized on-site training.

Because Thermal Focus has an extensive suite of solutions, it is almost always possible to have a thermal imaging camera available immediately.