Wide range of thermal imaging cameras

As a proud Platinum partner of Teledyne FLIR, we can offer you a various range of FLIR thermal imaging cameras for sale and rental. Find out which thermal camera is suitable for your application.

Thermal imaging cameras R&D/Science

Thermal imaging cameras are frequently used for R&D and Science. We have a wide range of thermal imaging cameras for these applications. A lot of well-respected institutions rely on our expertise, FLIR thermal imaging cameras and Edevis equipment.

Regardless of the necessary sensitivity, accuracy, speed and resolution of the camera, we always have the necessary cutting-edge technology for you.

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Thermal imaging cameras for industry

Many of our thermal imaging cameras are being used for industrial applications. The industrial applications for our thermal imaging cameras are extremely versatile. For example, they are being used for gas detection/OGI, automation, predictive maintenance, fire prevention, and so on. The possibilities are infinite.

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Thermal imaging cameras for building and other applications

Besides universities and industrial companies many other sectors make use of our thermal imaging cameras as well.

Moreover individuals also find their way to Thermal Focus. Would you like to evaluate the isolation or HVAC of your house only once? Then Thermal Focus offers you the possibility to rent a thermal imaging camera on daily basis.

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Looking for a thermal imaging camera for your specific application?

Contact us and we will gladly help you.

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