Using a thermal imaging camera for fire prevention in your company

Using a thermal imaging camera for fire prevention in your company

Thermography plays an important role in fire prevention in companies. Thermal imaging cameras are not only a useful tool during the inspection of fuse boxes and machinery, but can also be set up permanently to monitor your premises.

Protect your capital

Over the years you have invested a lot of money in your business. The buildings, machinery, equipment … are worth a lot. But what if a fire breaks out? Then you might lose everything. Protect your capital with good fire prevention. That way you don’t have to worry about fire risks and can concentrate on growing your business.

Prevent electrical overloads

Fires often start at fuse boxes due to electrical overloads or bad contacts. But before there are effective flames, the temperature of the electrical component rises. A thermal imaging camera will detect this. Based on this thermographic inspection, you can take action and avoid an outage or fire.

Thermographic surveillance camera

Have you thought about installing thermographic surveillance cameras? These are thermal imaging cameras that look over a premises to detect high temperatures. In this way, you can monitor a large area with one device.

More questions about fire prevention through thermography?

Our experts are here to help. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities of thermal imaging cameras in increasing fire safety in your company.

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