As a proud Platinum partner of Teledyne FLIR, we can offer you a diverse range of thermal imaging cameras for sale and rental. Find out which camera is suitable for your application.

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FLIR X6901sc thermal imaging camera

FLIR X6900sc outlet

The FLIR X6900sc is an extraordinarily fast, highly sensitive MWIR camera designed for scientists, researchers, and engineers. With a ther...

Purchase price (VAT excl.)
On demand
Rental price (VAT excl.)
€ 2.093,20
FLIR T650sc thermal imaging camera

FLIR T650sc

The FLIR T650sc combines excellent ergonomics and feature-rich flexibility with superior image quality of 640×480 pixels. High accuracy and...

Purchase price (VAT excl.)
On demand
Rental price (VAT excl.)
€ 512,20
FLIR T530 thermal imaging camera

FLIR T530 outlet with Macro Mode

The FLIR T530 thermal imaging camera has the features researchers, engineers, and product developers need to accurately measure thermal even...

Purchase price (VAT excl.)
On request
Rental price (VAT excl.)
€ 250,70
FLIR G300a OGI/gas detection camera

FLIR G300a outlet

The FLIR G300a optical gas imaging (OGI) camera visualizes gas, so you can monitor installations in remote or hazardous areas for gas leaks....

Purchase price (VAT excl.)
On demand
Rental price (VAT excl.)
€ 890,80
FLIR A35sc thermal imaging camera

FLIR A35sc outlet

Know exactly where to measure and trust your findings every time with the FLIR A35sc Benchtop Test Kit. Unlike thermocouples or spot pyromet...

Purchase price (VAT excl.)
€ 5.481,70
Rental price (VAT excl.)
€ 133,00
FLIR A35 thermal imaging camera

FLIR A35 outlet

The FLIR A35 is a thermal imaging temperature sensor for condition monitoring, process control/quality assurance, and fire prevention applic...

Purchase price (VAT excl.)
€ 4.419,20
Rental price (VAT excl.)
€ 108,00