How should I maintain my thermal imaging camera?

Good news, because the maintenance of a thermal imaging camera is rather limited. A simple calibration check is often sufficient. For critical applications, however, it can be useful to schedule annual maintenance.

Annual maintenance

For critical applications, for example in the medical or chemical/petrochemical sector, we recommend annual maintenance. The thermal camera is then given a complete overhaul. Small defects are being repaired, the software is updated, the calibration is checked, etc.

Is no downtime possible in your organisation? Then choose for a maintenance agreement with backup camera. Contact us for more information.

FLIR thermal imaging camera maintenance

Maintenance after and during use

Thermal imaging cameras often have a lens protector. Make use of this too! Cover the lenses you are not using.

When you are not using the camera and are walking around with it, close the lens hood or put the lens cap on the camera. This avoids direct sunlight on the detector. Also, when you are not using the camera, make sure to point the lens at the ground.

Calibration check

Sometimes it is useful to carry out a calibration check. With this test we check whether the camera meets its specifications. This way you can be sure that the measurements are correct and within the error margins. A calibration check is cheaper than a full service. No changes are made to the curves in the camera itself.

Calibration check thermal camera FLIR E60

Calibration – Adjustment

Were any deviations found during the calibration check? Then the camera goes to the manufacturer for a new calibration. This recalibration ensures that the camera again meets the accuracy requirements. The adjustment of a camera is always done by the manufacturer.

Contaminated lenses

It is not uncommon for the lens of a thermal imaging camera to get dirty from dust, gases or splashes of liquid. Fortunately, this is not a problem. First, the lens must be made dust-free. Try first with air and otherwise with a soft brush. Clean the lens with a lens cleaner that contains a high level of alcohol. You can do this with cotton wool. Rub in circles from the inside to the outside. These cleaning products are available from us.

Do not clean the lens more than necessary and avoid touching the lens with fingers.

FLIR thermal imaging camera interchangeable lenses

Sphere in the screen

With interchangeable lenses, it is possible that a “sphere” appears in your image. This is usually caused by a dust in the optical path. This can also happen between the detector and the inside of the lens. Should you have a persistent sphere in the screen, remove the lens to see if there is any dust on the inside.

Never use products to clean the detector. And never use products with detergents (dishwashing liquids)! Not sure? Contact us before you start cleaning.

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