How does a thermal imager contribute to consistent measurements within your organisation?

For many thermal applications, it is important to have consistent measurements. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In addition, there is a need for knowledge of thermography in order to recognise problems. The lack of knowledge can lead to wrong conclusions being drawn, which can cause problems in the short or long term.

FLIR T530 thermal imaging camera

Tips for consistent measurements

There are two ways to improve your measurements:

1. Choose a representative moment

Thermography is a snapshot. The camera will measure the temperature at that moment.

Therefore, timing plays an important role. Carry out the thermographic measurement at a time that is representative of normal business operations. Consider, for example, the inspection of an electrical cabinet in a factory building. In such cases, it is not interesting to take measurements when production is stopped. You will only get a realistic picture when all machines and equipment are working as on an average working day.

2. Take frequent measurements

Another solution is to carry out measurements at regular intervals. Schedule daily/weekly/monthly… checks to identify deviations. If the measurements are fairly stable, you can reduce the frequency.

Sometimes permanent monitoring is recommended. In this solution, a fixed thermal imaging camera is installed to monitor an electrical cabinet, machine, production line or storage area.

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