7 Reasons to deploy thermal imaging cameras within industrial companies

7 Reasons to deploy thermal imaging cameras within industrial companies

Wondering how thermography fits into industrial companies? We list 7 applications. Discover all the possibilities yourself, or contact us for more information.

Predictive maintenance

In industrial companies, unplanned downtime costs a lot of money. Especially when the production process is disrupted for a long time. That is why it is a good idea to fix small defects quickly, before they cause even more damage. Thermal imaging cameras help with this. They allow you to detect a possible failure in time and carry out preventive maintenance.

Fire prevention

Did you know that, according to statistics from the Belgian emergency response zones, there were as many as 691 industrial fires in 2019? Some of these could be avoided with thermal imaging cameras. These cameras detect anomalous temperatures so that one can intervene before a fire actually starts.

Detecting sedimentation

Industrial thermography uses thermal imaging cameras to detect sedimentation in storage tanks, for example. This increases safety and product quality. The major advantage of this investigation method is that it is done in real time and is non-contact.

Visualizing energy losses

Do you want to reduce your company’s energy consumption? Make use of a thermal camera. This will enable you to visualize energy losses quickly and easily, both in buildings and in industrial installations. Analyze the images to discover new savings.

Increase employee safety

Not all heat is immediately visible to the human eye. This can lead to dangerous situations. Thermal imaging cameras are one of many methods to ensure the safety of your employees. The thermal image allows them to identify problem areas, such as gas leaks, overheated conductors or connections. Thus, accidents are avoided.

Gaining insight into production lines

Measuring is knowing. That also applies to production lines. Thermal imaging cameras are perfect for continuous process monitoring. For example, they can scan for unknown objects or detect defects in heat distribution. Any anomalies found? Intervene quickly to avoid problems. Using thermal imaging cameras in packaging lines provides new insights to ensure high product quality.

Versatile measuring instrument

The final reason for using thermal imaging cameras within industrial companies is the versatility of these devices. There are an enormous number of applications. Increase safety, prevent downtime, adjust processes, reduce energy losses… you name it.

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