Media using a thermal imaging camera

A thermal imaging camera can be used for plenty of applications. Many more than you could even imagine. Often a thermal imaging camera is being used for industrial applications. It has, however, an esthetical value as well. For many people a thermal image is still quite unknown. Would you like to surprise people? Then choose for a thermal imaging camera for your media application.

Thermal Focus offers both portable as well as fixed high-resolution thermal imaging cameras.

Would you like to make use of a thermal imaging camera for only a short period? Then discover our rental options.

Some references

KRANKk is a Belgian band inspired by UK Garage, Grime & Bass Music. They are working towards a multi-sensory live show where they want to focus on stimulating extra senses in disabled people.

For the visual aspect they chose for a collaboration with byWM and Jelle Marteel. After some brainstorming they ended up choosing for a thermal imaging camera. As a result of that, they ended up with Thermal Focus.

They shot the images with our FLIR T1030sc.
As Thermal Focus we are delighted that we could contribute to this beautiful initiative.

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