Use of cookies

The Thermal Focus website uses cookies. These are pieces of text that are temporarily placed on your hard disk and which, among other things, make it possible to remember which items you put in your shopping cart. The cookies are automatically deleted after your visit and are therefore only active during one ‘session’. These so-called session cookies contain no personal data and serve only to support the functionality of the site.

In addition, our website uses a different kind of cookie, which ensures that the site recognizes you when you visit it again. On the basis of this cookie the website can be adjusted to your wishes. If you have disabled the use of cookies in your browser, you can still visit the site. However, certain parts of the site will not, or not optimally, work.

Types of Cookies

In general, the cookies used on the Thermal Focus site can be divided into three types:

For functionality

These cookies are indispensable for the proper functioning of the website and are used to remember your choices so that, for example, the site continues to recognize you during your visit to our website. These cookies are also used, for example, to remember which products you have placed in the shopping cart.

For information and performance improvement

To improve the performance of our website, cookies are used to collect information. For example, we collect information about which pages are most visited or are most interesting, but also which pages give error messages. With this information we continuously work on improving the usability of the website.

For marketing purposes

Finally, we use cookies to show you offers that we think will be interesting to you based on the pages you have viewed. For this we work with reputable third parties who provide this facility on various websites. Again, these cookies are not personally identifiable and can be turned off by your browser at any time.