What is active thermography?

In short, when you use an external excitation source to visualize thermal properties we speak of active thermography. These sources can be very diverse. This can be through the use of lamps, vibrations, induction, laser, … Important is that energy is added or removed from the measurement object in a controlled way.

Sometimes it can be quite simple, as in building thermography and detecting pipes by running hot water through the pipe. But when we talk about active thermography it usually has a scientific approach. Active thermography is mainly used in Automotive, Aerospace, plastic/composite, metal industry, R&D, solar panels, medical, packaging lines, Printed Circuit Bords (PCBs), …

Partnership with Edevis

Who is Edevis?

Edevis GmbH is a German system provider for Active Thermography systems and non-destructive material testing (NDT) services. They are specialized in automated testing systems and testing devices for imaging non-destructive material testing (NDT) with active thermography.

Their expertise includes, among other things, systems and devices for testing fibre composite structures, crack detection in metallic components and testing joints (weld seam, soldered joints, adhesive seams). They offer automated testing systems, laboratory systems and testing services.

Our collaboration

Thermal Focus is the official partner of Edevis for the BeNeLux region for the Active Thermography systems. We can also supply the thermal imaging cameras for these systems.